Graphic Design Capstone

Class: GRA491

Term: May/Jun 2021

As part of my last class in my journey towards a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Media Arts degree, my capstone course allowed me to rework and present a complete web and print portfolio of some of the design pieces I have worked on over the years at SNHU.

For this course I had to revamp 10 of my previous assignments that I’ve completed during my time at Southern New Hampshire University as well as updated my personal branding and portfolio website. 

The 10 projects that I revisited for this course was: Pasta Amore website, table tent and brochure; Lil Guppies logo and business card; Amethyst Bay magazine advertisement; Acadia Park Equipment website; Bush Solar business cards and invoice template; and Off Grid by Designs website wireframe. 

Pasta Amore Marketing Suite

In previous classes I created a responsive website, menu, table tent, and brochure for a fictional Italian restaurant that we were tasked with creating marketing materials for them based on their branding guidelines. 

For my capstone course I updated the table tent, responsive website, and to-go brochure to be one cohesive look.

Lil' Guppies Scuba School Identity Suite

The goal of this project was to create a family friendly logo for a company that teaches children how to swim and scuba dive in a safe environment.

In the creation of this logo we were given the business name and their company mission and we needed to create a brand guide and marketing materials, such as a business card around that information into a meaningful designs.

Amethyst Bay Magazine Advertisement

The goal of this project was to create a print magazine ad that complimented the clients existing branding style for a new resort that is looking to reach out to potential clientele who have either not traveled to St. Thomas before or who have previously stayed in other hotels on the island. In my previous class we had to choose a type of clientele to target the advertisement to so I choose families.

Acadia Park Equipment Website

The goal of the initial project was to create a 5 page responsive website about a fictional company based on the provided style guide. The design audience is adventure seeking adults ages 18-40 who enjoy the outdoors and need equipment to make the most of being outside on their adventures. 

Bush Solar Business Card and Invoice Template

The goal of this project was to create professional business cards that showcased a solar energy array with contact information for my husband’s business and an invoice document that was branded and more appealing than the QuickBooks invoice that we send out to clients.

Off Grid by Design Website Wireframe

The goal of the initial project was to create a low fidelity wireframe mockup of a new website design for a current website that needed an update to the user experience.

For the refresh of the project I wanted to complete the wireframe mockup and create a high fidelity wireframe design with images, text, colors, ect. and by using their current content from their current site I was able to rework their content to balance the design with the images and the content.

Personal Branding Revisions

With the refinement of my personal branding I updated my business cards and leave-behind folder to match.